01. How Do I Join Aajkal?

All that you need to do is contact us! It’s that simple! 😉

02. What Opportunities Does Aajkal Have?

We are into all forms of theatre including experimental, abstract, absurd, contemporary etc. and we are planning to expand into digital spaces like web-series, short and feature film making, event consultancy etc. We welcome all forms of artists from painters to actors and from writers to sculptors, musicians, animators, illustrators and all the quirky art forms that any person might be aware of.

03. Can I Buy Tickets At The Door On The Day Of The Event?​

Yes! If we are not running house-full. Because we usually do. So its better you book it online to be on a safer side. :p

04. When Do The Doors Open For A Show?

10 Mins before every show.

05. Can I Reach Out To Aajkal For Producing My Concept/ Content?

Yes! The doors are always open! But, it depends upon our content moderation team if to admit the concept inside the room from that door 😉

06. Can I Get A Free Ticket?

Yes. We are all about building a theatre oriented community and healthy environment around us. If you give us a good reason to give you a free ticket, we will be more than happy to extend you free passes!