Tu Jinda Hai!

Duration: 60 Min

Writer: Chinmay Deo

Director: Rishi Manohar

Lights Design: Pradeep Vaidya

Lights Operation: Shubham Gije

Projection: Nilesh Nighojkar

Production Manager: Aditya Santosh

Publicity Design: Aditya Santosh

Cast: Swapnil Bhave, Hemangi Patil, Aditya Santosh, Sakshi Mokadam, Chinmay Deo, Rishi Manohar, Pranav Vadke

Director’s Note: ‘Tu Zinda Hai!’ is a stage playreading which talks about the whole life of Safdar Hashmi.

It is divided into 3 parts, the first part explains the exact ideology, thinking pattern and the aura in which Safdar worked. It has some poems of him, an interview which Safdar had given in 1984.

The second part has a real footage documentary which helps the people see the real situations which happened.

The third part is a playreading about Safdar Hashmi, which mainly emphasizes the incidence if him in which Safdar lost his life.

Playreading is altogether a different genre. No one can move while reading it, the real art which I tried to discover is creating a visual scape into everyone’s mind, with just the power of voice.

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