Duration: 105 Min

Writer: Chinmay Deo

Director: Rishi Manohar

Synopsis: Do we think about the life we live?

Have we lost the ability to see beyond our day to day lives?

People find it easy to define their lives by limiting it to their homes. The unknowing acceptance to mediocrity.

Satyajeet tries to expand his life but finds himself in a hive of numerous clashing made up realities. Even then, he tries to give birth to something completely new. His attempt to create something new makes our play, ZABRIKO.

Lights Design & Operation: Rahul Joglekar

Music: Tushar Deshpande, Kaustubh Shaligram

Sound Operation: Rupesh Ahire

Choreography: Bhargavi Sardesai

Production Manager: Aditya Santosh

Makeup: Ashish Deshpande, Arvinda Surya

Costume Design: Ashish Deshpande, Mugdha Bhalerao

Set Design: Aditya Santosh, Rupesh Ahire

Graphic designs and animations: Siddharth Joshi

Cast: Tushar Tengale, Ritesh Tiwari, Devendra Charankar, Aditya Santosh, Nath Purandare, Chinmay Deo, Pratiksha Bharati, Rucha Bhatawadekar, Purva Deshpande, Manjiri Bhuskute, Kaustubh Shaligram, Siddhi Date

Mayuresh Bavare, Sejal Jagtap, Sourabh Zunjar, Shubham Belhekar, Diggaj Aphale, Bhavesh Joshi, Rohan Khare, Tanaya Gokhle, Mugdha Bhalerao, Prem Mohite, Mihir Oak, Rupesh Ahire, Raman Tiwari, Hemant Patil, Nikhil Kadam

Director’s Note: Zabriko talks about the mediocrity and how a man called ‘Satyajeet’ gets deep down into it. The play is written in a very monologist and complex manner…with a surreal touch to the script itself, so I bifurcated the reality and the surreality which helped me directing respected scenes. Zabriko has dances in it, which is one of the entertaining factors.

Having a huge ensemble, with a huge set, makes the director work on toes.

The battle between reality and surreality which is what I tried to make out with each scene.

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