Duration: 44 min

Writer: Pranav Apte

Director: Shubham Kulkarni

Light Designer/Operator: Rahul Joglekar

Production Manager: Nikhil Kadam

Makeup: Prabhakar Bhave, Arvinda Surya

Costume Design: Bhakti Medhekar

Choreography: Yash Bhukele

Set Design: Nikhil Kadam

Stage Management: Nikhil Kadam, Pranav Kare

Publicity Design: Siddharth Joshi

Art Head: Manasi Deo

Art: Manasi Deo, Snehal Marade, Tejashwini Shah, Soham Kalgaokar

Cast: Rutvij Kulkarni, Prathamesh Atre, Pranav Apte, Digvijay Pawar, Aishwarya Tupe, Shreya Pitre, Vaibhav Kadam, Shubham Kulkarni

Crew: Pushkar Kulkarni, Atharva Kale, Anay Bhide, Chinmay Phadnis, Pranjal Sorte

Dancers: Shreya Pitre, Shreya Kulkarni, Shivani Deshpande, Bhargavi Sardesai, Tanmayee Salunke

Music Director: Swamini Subhedar

Music: Vocalists: Swamini Subhedar, Vedangi Patwardhan | Varada Ruikar, Kartik Bhalerao, Chinmay Kanitkar | Bass Guitar: Sujay Sharma | Harmonium: Vedangi Patwardhan

Property: Digvijay Pawar

Shadow Play: Pranav Kare

Director’s note: Firodiya is a difficult format in its own way. It gives a chance to present a complete package. So it was difficult for me to implement every aspect effectively which will ultimately result in what we were trying to say. I think we just can’t start telling a story, first, we have to make sure that the audience is listening! This was the most important thing I was focused on, I wanted the audience to listen to the story carefully along with simple yet attractive visuals. We had moving objects in the Set which were important for the character development. Set was a big task because we wanted it to be appropriate. Music has a longing and a powerful effect, which lifts the presentation at a different level.

I tried my best to make these 45mins interesting and entertaining along with a thought we really need to think!

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