Sorry Paranjpe

Duration: 46 Min

Writer:  Chinmay Deo

Director: Rishi Manohar

Cast: Chinmay Deo, Gandharva Gulwelkar, Aditya Santosh, Hemangi Patil, Stimit Sane, Nachiket Kolapkar, Saurabh Raut, Arohi Vakil, Rishi Manohar

Set Design: Saurabh Raut, Nachiket Kolapkar

Lights Design & Operation: Rishi Manohar, Shubham Gije

Music: Tushar Deshpande, Sagar Dahale

Sound Operation: Sagar Dahale

Costumes: Nilesh Nighojkar, Dipti Mahadev

Makeup: Prabhakar Bhave

Property: Abhijay Ghodke, Bhagyashree Bhagade

Stage Management: Hrishikesh Borkar

Production Manager: Aditya Santosh

Publicity Design: Siddharth Joshi

Crew: Sonali Sawant, Isha Kale, Shreesh Ratnaparkhi, Amey Sakhare, Ninad Joglekar, Manali Jamkar, Mandar Neve, Shubham Parkhad, Aniket Kathale, Rujuta Joshi, Gaurav Dharashivkar, Aditi Gurav.

Director’s note: Putting up a strong social message with a very realistic backdrop, was one of the most important points which I always kept in my mind when I was directing ‘ Sorry परांजपे’!

I always tried to make it more natural, more simple.

The 1st scene of the play happened to be in a bedroom, which made my work trickier. I wanted each and everybody watching the play, feel as if there is really a bedroom in front of them, and they are staying with them because the characters are so real, the situations are so real which makes the audience more involved.

I wanted the people to go with the flow, without being told that this play is directed.

Making something simple is always tough !!

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