Living in a country full of diversity has its perks as well as its difficulties. The great diversity breeds appreciation for all the different cultures in the hearts of people of the country but can also be a little difficult to understand and accept everyone with such different lives that India is home to. All of these cultures come with a ton of different languages and the languages serving as platforms between a speaker and his audience, has served as a building block for theatre. With so many different languages and cultures with their own stories to tell, India has the potential for a lot of plays. Pune and Mumbai have been established as the two main cities where these stories still have a place. These pillars of theatre have proven that theatre still has a place in this modern world with its sizable audiences. In this ever-growing world, technology has created a paradox of compactness, we never know if the world’s too big or too small and with this paradox we have been granted the ability to have entertainment at our fingertips. With the freedom of choice and the leisure of time to entertain ourselves, it’s still getting harder and harder to keep us entertained. At such a time, Aajjkal must really have the favor of sweet luck or must be performing the absolute best plays in India to have produced such huge audiences and even greater responses and followers. Aajkal has proven even if we have the power of entertainment in our control it’s still worth it to experience theatre. It’s still exciting to take time out of our busy schedules and enjoy plays. It, not just the success and the subjects of Aajkal’s plays that has attracted everyone’s attention but it’s also the thought of revolutionizing concepts of entertainment and the idea of expression.

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