Experimental theatre director Peter Brook described his work as building a necessary theatre. A theatre in which there is only a practical difference between actor and audience, not a fundamental one. It aimed to achieve a more relatable and approachable relationship between the two sides of the stage.

The experimental theatre has grown to be a rather broad concept now but the audience it attracts is yet to mirror the same growth. The toil and trouble of performing the play have made most of the performers to shy away from the experimental theatre but Aajkal has proven that not only are they capable of exercising experimental theatre but also shows that audience still appreciates experimental plays. Experimental theatre is oftentimes assumed to be hard to understand and have certain subjects that may not appeal to the general masses but Aajkal has embraced the difficulty and made experimental theatre understandable and relatable to a casual audience. These plays are appreciated and also absolutely adored by the perceivers and as it is with any form of art, ‘the meaning lies with the observer’; Aajkal has managed to perform plays that are not only critically acclaimed but also thought-provoking to its audience.

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